Side Effects Of Yoni Pearls That Will Shock You

Side effects of yoni pearls:clean points tampons otherwise known as yoni pearls is a Chinese herbal medicine manufactured specially for women.It is made with Chinese herbs which are assembled together like a tiny ball.

Yoni pearls is manufactered by a Chinese company under close supervision of FDA and other drug related agencies in China. Yoni Pearl is produced for general detoxification and cleansing of reproductive organs in women. It can be used to treat the following gyneacological problems:

Tube blockage

Ovarian cysts


General detoxification




Vaginal odour

And other female gynecological problems.

Side Effect

Yoni pearl is made with Chinese herbs.These herbs have been clinically tested and found to be safe.There is no chemicals addition to the Yoni Pearl as such there is no side effect.However,yoni pearl touches the surrounding intima in the absorption process, so it will cause mild itching, which will stop in a week or less. When this occurs, the patient is advised to always take her bath frequently and apply yoni essential oil .Application of yoni oils is not compulsory as the itching usually stops in a week so it’s part of the healing process.

There are so many testimonies of conception,cleared infections, opening of blocked tubes etc after using yoni pearls. Women are advice to embrace this idea of using one or two pearls monthly to stay clean inside and outside.

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6 thoughts on “Side Effects Of Yoni Pearls That Will Shock You

  1. Please my yoni pearls is inside of me, can’t remove it, what do I do? The string has cut, please I need answers

  2. Please I need quick answer, how do I remove the yoni pearls inside of me since the string to pull it out has removed.

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