Components of yoni pearls (clean point tampon)

Yoni pearl is a miraculous herbal tampon from china made with purely herbal and organic products. This product have been in existence for over hundred years. These Chinese herbs have been clinically tested to nourish and cleanse the womb from accumulated toxins and blood clots.

The female reproductive organs declines as women advance in ages, ovary functions equally declines during mensuration, the vagina acidity reduces also, and the immunity weakens. There is need for every woman to always carry out routine care by using herbal productions to detoxify their body. Most times, the accumulated toxins, infections, blood clots clogs the organs and as such reduces our women’s chances of conception.

Yoni pearls is like a tiny ball, about half an inch, that’s inserted deep into the vagina like a tampon, it stays for 48 to 72 hours before its removed.

Components of Yoni pearls

1. Wormwood: Worm wood is good for dampness, cold, it stops bleeding, its anti-inflammatory ,anti-allergy

2. Cnidium: its antibacterial, its used in treatment of vulvar eczema, it stops itching, treats trichimonas and vaginitis

3. Codonopsis: enhances immunity, dilate and relive pains, enhance hematopoiesis etc

4. Saffron: live blood circulation, dilate and relive pain ,relieve dysmenorrhea, treat swelling and pain

Other components are frankincense, Sophora flavescens, myrrh , borneol, Sichuan dome, chrysanthemum indium, panax Notoginseng, Radix stemonae, rhizome smilacis glabrae,Angelica sinensis. All there are natural herbs and plants combined together to get this wonderful product.

In our next edition,we will come up with how to identify fake and original yoni pearls/clean point tampon

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