Introducing our detox foot patch

Introducing our detox foot patch..


  1. Promoting blood circulation & metabolism;
  2. Activating cells,improving functions of vital organs;
  3. Relieving foot fatigue;
  4. Relaxing muscles & tendons and eliminating moisture, replenishing vital essence and strong thinning kidney;
  5. Detumescence and acesodyne;
  6. Promoting sleeping;
  7. Dispelling toxins accumulated in absorbent system,promoting functions of absorbent system and strengthening the immunity. Benefits continued
  8. Release unwanted toxins;
  9. Increase your energy level;
  10. Reduce aches, pains, headaches, & tiredness;
  11. Relieve stress;
  12. Improve your metabolism;
  13. Improve your blood circulation;
  14. Improve weight loss;
  15. Totally discreet – Works while you sleep;
  16. Simple and easy to use


  1. Before going to bed and first clean foot,
  2. Remove adhesive backing,
  3. Apply printed side of pad to adhesive,
  4. Apply to desired area on the sole of your foot,
  5. Remove and discard after 8-10 hour,
  6. Continue to use until

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